Eagle Scout Hat Pins
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In addition to the Eagle Medal, Scouts were issued hat pins. There were 3 types with lots of minor variations to the smallest details. Collectors eat this up. The stars can be small or large or turned at different angles. The word ‘STERLING’ on the back of the pins can be raised, stamped, vertical or horizontal.

I have been collecting Eagle Scout lapel pins for many years - most specifically the Distinguished Eagle Pins. Terry Grove wrote a book on the History of the Eagle Scout Award. He and I would communicate often and would meet at several Trade-O-Ree's discussing new hallmarks and variations. I created another website showing many different Eagle Scout Pins from over the years. Please visit our other website: https://www.eaglescoutpins.com/

Type 1 Hat Pin 1921-1924
Type 1 Pin
Type 1 Hat Pin
Identification: BSA on the chest with Blue-White-Red color scheme. These are rare pieces and actively sought among collectors. ‘STERLING’ is stamped either horizontally or vertically on the back. A spinlock clasp attached the pin to the scouts hat.
Type 2 Hat Pin 1924-1932
Type 2 Pin
Type 2 Hat Pin
Identification: BSA on the chest but with the color scheme back to the normal Red-White-Blue. A few variations of this type exist mostly in the background engraving behind the letters and the enamel treatment.
Type 3 Hat Pin 1933-1955
Type 3 Pin
Type 3 Hat Pin
Identification: No BSA on the chest. Red-White-Blue color scheme. Like the Type 2 some variations exist with the enamel and the background to the lettering. Stars may be large or small. In some variations a Robbins Company 'r STERLING' hallmark may be found on the back.
Distinguished Eagle Hat Pin 1969-present
Distinguished Eagle Pin
Distinguished Eagle Hat Pin
Identification: Gold, no BSA on the chest. The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award was started in 1969 and is presented to Eagle Scouts that have gone on to distinguished careers of significant contribution to society.
Harmon Foundation Pin
The Harmon Foundation Scholarship:

This was a short lived program which provided $100 scholarships to a select group of 52 Eagle Scouts per year. The scholorships were presented from 1927-1931 before being discontinued. Four Eagle Scouts from each of the 12 regions of the Boy Scouts of America were selected for this honor. The honored Eagles were given a lapel pin and a certificate.