Custom Fine Jewelry


In 1999 the Boy Scouts of America once again contracted with a new manufacturer to produce the Eagle Scout Badge. Both the Custom Fine Jewelry Company in Fort Worth, Texas and Stange Company produced Eagle Badges in 1999.

CFJ 1 1999
The CFJ 1 looked almost exactly like the Stange 6b that preceded it. It’s most easily distinguished from the Stange by the gawdy ‘CFJ’ hallmark on the back. The scroll carries the hallmark on its back under the ribbon. The scroll also has the pin and clutch type attachment. A sterling version of this type exists with a tiny ‘925’ stamped on the back of the scroll just above the knot. The ribbon has a plain edge, without the white edging.

Availability: Somewhat difficult to find.

CFJ 2 1999-2000
The CFJ 2 began in May 1999 and produced a fairly clean looking Eagle pendant. Gone however was the classic ‘old-time’ look to the Eagle.

Identification: The pendant was also as large as they have ever been produced. These medals came in both sterling silver (marked ‘925 CFJ’ on the back of the tail feathers) and non-sterling (with just ‘CFJ’ on the back of the tail feathers. The non-sterling has a 34mm wingspan and the sterling has a 31mm wingspan. The back of the scroll has two pin�s with a clutch attachment system.

Availability: Fairly common.

CFJ 3 2001-2006
Identification: Similar to the CFJ 2 but the knot is now a solid cast piece wired to the scroll. The ‘BSA’ on the chest is arranged as the CFJ 2. CFJ hallmark in raised letters on the tail feathers.

Availability: Common
CFJ Hallmark
The CFJ Hallmark:

There is no mistaking who makes this award.